Jim Holley

Charles James Holley, III was born in 1943 in Philadelphia, PA and was raised in Mt. Pleasant. Tennessee. Affectionately known to the City of Detroit as Re. Jim Halley, he Is one of the mast sought. after pastors and businessmen for his opinions, advice, and counsel. In Me areas of community, civic, economic and religious matters.

Kimberly Ray

One of Four Evangelist daughters of the late Dr. Angie Ray incomparable founder of Angie Ray Ministries in Matteson, IL. Pastor Kimberly Ray–Pastor is a woman after God’s own heart. Seeking to lead the people of God by providing effective strategies and tools to empower the church to be efficient in the ministry of intercession and deliverance.

Dr. Willard Maxwell

Dr. Maxwell is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where he served as an educator, administrator, and principal in the Atlanta Public School system. Dr. Maxwell holds a Master of Divinity degree from Morehouse School of Religion, a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Argosy University, a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Education from Georgia Southern University, and a Pastor Counseling Certification from Emory University.

David E Taylor

David E. Taylor is the head of Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI), a global outreach movement committed to establishing God’s Kingdom through the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel. Celebrating 30 years of ministry, David E. Taylor has made an indelible imprint throughout his community, the United States, and around the world. He is a strong advocate for the youth in this country, because of his experiences and life lessons.